Sunday, September 18, 2011


random bits: it's still cold here and most of my socks have holes, these days my diet consists mainly of coffee and chocolate chip cookies with a smattering of guacamole and red grapes, the cat is just now batting around a used hankie i've been carrying up my cardigan sleeve like a grannie,  i can't get enough of the color combination, white, purple, pink, black and that baby plant is in a small white pot made by my friend molly.  it is the size of less than a quarter.

the beginnings of my vespertine line in in the shop with more to come throughout the coming week.


Sidereal Day said...

I had to laugh at the hankie up the sleeve, my mom does that and has for as long as I can remember.

Geninne said...

These photos just took my breath away Liane ♥

Jacqueline said...

Any chance someone can tell me what sort of plant that is? The larger one, with the rounded leaves? I sort of love it.