Sunday, October 2, 2011

a hawk and a hacksaw

a hawk and a hacksaw is the other band playing with dark dark dark tonight.

i dyed my hair very black the other day.  like elvira black.

i got some dye pots going right now dyeing sueded hemp and old doilies black.

i'm about 20 pages away from finishing "the bone people" -that link is wikipedia and i didn't read it through because the end of the story is revealed fyi.   it's been a hard read.  it's dark, twisted, violent.

i want this book to turn out ok.  i didn't care for any of the characters until just now at the very end.  now i find myself caring.  they are so flawed.  but i want redemption.  i want to know that they can have the life they've had up till now and still things can turn for the better.  i guess i want to know that there is always that chance to be stripped bare to the bone and then be able to return.


wanda miller said...

AWESOME post, awesome music...annnnd i also read this book, many moons ago. i tried passing it on, but each person said they JUST COULDN'T READ SUCH SADNESS AND VIOLENCE. i am glad that i read it though, even though very difficult as you said. and i too, so wanted something to turn out more RIGHT than it did, such is life for some, unfortuneately

The Oak Leaves said...

Wow, Im pretty blown away by the music... not at all what I expected.

Jen of Country Weekend said...

Love the music! Lively and mournful at the same time.