Friday, November 18, 2011

hey yeah.

i'm headed to boston tonite and catching a felice brothers show with courtney.  courtney is my boy ethan's girl.   so that's my plan.   

oh plus i ate an unholy amount of cookie dough last night so y'all KEEP ME AWAY FROM THE DOUGH!  really.  knock that spoon out of my hand if you got to.  i may pitch a fit at first but i'll thank you later.

have a great weekend, turkeys.   and i mean that in the local, pasture-fed, heirloom variety sense.

heh heh.



Anna Sonata said...

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fifth floor apartment said...

i'm really digging their music. thanks for sharing! have a great weekend!

xo Alison

Courtney said...

What a fun song!

(I'm usually a quiet reader, but I had to acknowledge that I'm a Courtney and my boyfriend is an Ethan. Rarely do I meet other Courtneys and Ethans, nevermind together.)

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