Monday, November 14, 2011

morning all.

i'm having this intense decor-related conflict (eye roll).
it goes like this: edit or accumulate, edit or accumulate and also color or black and white, color or black and white.  and then this is followed by another internal dialogue which is "don't be shallow, but i can't help it"...or this torturous iteration: "why can't you put your energy toward world hunger, global warming, fill in any large scale unstable worldwide condition of your choice and repeat".  

i can't believe i am typing this stuff.  i rarely plan what i'm going to write here until the "new post" window pops up and then she-bang i blab on about whatever is currently knocking round my brain.

last night i sewed this old cotton fabric i scrounged up and dyed into curtains for the kitchen counter.  i also dyed a rag rug runner a friend wove for me years ago.  this morning i turned another fraying rag rug into a chair pad.  the color and the added stuff feels too much all together and i immediately want to edit again.  

meaning or meaningless?

all this doesn't feel like learned behavior.  it is the very same process i go through when i am drawing or painting or making most anything.  i have driven certain people crazy changing paint colors and moving furniture etc. etc. and have made my own poor self crazy with the process of creating and tearing down.

and i want to explain that it's not a choice.  do you know what i mean?

i leave you with this incomplete notion.  if you have any thoughts- rhapsodize or rant.  


tj said...

...Mornin' Miss L. :o)

..."...the added stuff feels too much all together and i immediately want to edit again." - Do you mean too much in the same color scheme? If it does then either redye or remove item altogether. Easy peasy, no? If you're like me, leave it for a good week or so, live with it for a bit and then see how you feel.

...And girl, decor-related conflict. Been there, done that! *sigh* eye roll* And the sad part? I s-t-i-l-l do it. I do it regarding decorating our home, buying clothing and in landscaping too. I dunno if it's indecisiveness, lack of confidence or knowledge or just part of my genetic makeup orrrr all of the above. *hanging head* :o\

...Either way, I've learned to accept it and I've learned to give myself time to see if it's right instead of immediately changing my mind and undoing everything.

...You have the "eye". A gift of color and placement. Yes Miss L., we've seen photos of your home. ;o) So this lil' conflict that you speak of, you'll get it. Oh, and when you do? We want photos, 'kay?

...Btw, LOVE that lil' woven chair pad! Sweet!

...Blessings :o)

nicole said...

Scarily, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I've had the same conversation with myself. I think tj is right, the best thing to do is accept that this is how you are. For some of us, it REALLY matters what our eye drinks in. I don't think it's possible to turn off that way of seeing the world

greenemama said...

i do the exact same things. i used to think it was because i was bored, but now i think it's because i don't have the money or time to really purchase the things that work well together and will also be liked by me for a long time. the thrift store/yard sale/estate sale life means you have to use what will do, what goes with what is already "having to do" in the house, etc. i think good collections of accumulated stuff can still feel selective and edited, but it takes time and money to fill a home that way. WHO HAS EITHER OF THOSE?

Jennifer and Patrick Finn said...

Perhaps we were twins separated at birth?

I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one that thinks (repeatedly) about these things.

All of my paintings have at least 20 other paintings underneath them. Some of them probably have hundreds of paintings underneath. I, also, am constantly adding and subtracting... giving more information and then taking it away. More color, then less color. And I do this revision process with all aspects of my life from my home decorating to how I dress, etc.

I think that for some of us we live our art process and in no way separate the act of creating artwork from the act of living.

Everything starts with a vision and then we bring that vision into reality. And there's something about creating a visual reality in my home that helps me figure out the next step for my art too, but I haven't really figured out how that process works.

ethanollie said...

i have absolutely no idea what you mean. ;) it's usually when an idea comes to fruition that i bore myself to death with it. ah minutiae, my lifeblood.

Anonymous said...

we have a saying in French that says that only idiots never change their minds. That's why I quite often change mine, and don't feel sorry about it.
you are perfect just as you are

klinker said...

i laughed out loud when i read the post. yup...i've been there. hell i'm there now. these pictures over my couch are killing me. world over couch. i'm a jerk i know...