Thursday, November 3, 2011


hey hey.
i cut my bangs again.
i don't know why i can't control myself.


lessee, what else...i ate a foot long veggie sandwich from subway today.  and then i pilfered a kudos m&m "granola bar" (more like a cookie) from my 5 yo niece.  what the??  tape worm?  pregnancy?  


neither of those.  just mega-hungry i guess.

i should erase all this.  it's neither here nor there.  and it's moderately embarrassing. 

but you're reading it so i guess i didn't.

now YOU tell me what YOU did (ate) today.



The Oak Leaves said...

well... I slept in, ran across the highway with my dad to eat lunch, played fetch with the dog, made (not enough) houses, and started on broccoli mac and cheese for dinner. Not very exciting :)

Jennifer and Patrick Finn said...

It's 3 pm here and I'm still in my pajamas. And I've eaten leftover butternut squash and chestnut soup for breakfast, then a cheese omelette for 2nd breakfast, then a cookie, then a zucchini. A few potato chips. I've been eyeing our leftover halloween candy but I'm trying to stay away. On more exciting news, though, I just received your package in the mail. I love it, Liane. Thank you so much. The pillow is lovely and the infinity scarf is so very "me" and I know will be a staple this winter. xoxo

nicole said...

I ate CRAP all day:

Chocolate pretzels
Salt and pepper chips
Werthers caramels
Macaroni & cheese

Ugh. I feel like I need a big bowl of kale.

susie said...

Let's see, I've had a cheese quesadilla Nestle Crunch bar( bite size), 2 hard cidars and I'm fixin to eat a big bowl of mac and cheese or have another hard cidar I can't decide.

BananaSaurusRex said...

Oh that made me laaaaaugh. Cheerios. Third grade. Leftover pizza (gross). Thinking about a glass of wine but it's only 4:15 here.

Liane said...

and just to clarify, that was just my "early" lunch.

kimberly said...

I worked on job materials (job letters, writing samples, teaching philosophy, etc.) and a conference paper. Since I was doing all of that I forgot to eat. Well, to be more accurate, I kept saying to myself "I'll take a break for lunch after I do this one last thing). Yeah, you know how that goes. So I ate some Halloween candy. And now I will have a guiness. For strength! To get me through the final revisions of this damn paper.

Sidereal Day said...

Really, who knew it was so interesting to read what everyone ate today, plus it made me feel way better about what I ate. I had a mini frozen spinach and sausage quiche for breakfast, some grapes and a couple almonds for lunch because I was in a hurry to run into town and on the way home we picked up beef and pork taco's from a taco truck (there's just about one on every block around here) for a late lunch early dinner...for real dinner it will be cheerios.

tj said... You're too funny. ;o)

...Since it's 7 am here as I'm typing this and I'm reading blogs while enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee, I'll have to go with yesterday's news. I made a Mountain Dew Cake, put a pot of Italian Soup on the stove, baked rolls and worked on a blog post. Oh, and I'm feeding a friend's farm animals while she's out of town, so I did that late in the day annnnd, that's it. *sigh*

...Love the old chair. :o)


tj said...

...Oh, and I've been on an eating crap all day binge here lately. I dunno if it's due to menopause, the planets are out of alignment or what. But yesterday I ate too many spoonfuls of raw cake batter, too many rolls slathered in sweet butter, bit o' honeys and little Twix candy bars. In my defense tho', I did start off the day with a bowl of healthy bran cereal and had an apple with cheese for a snack. You know, between shoving candy in my pie hole. ;o)

Emily Helmus said...

wI really like when you share things like you did today. It shouldn't be embarrassing!

This morning, I woke up at 7:30am, fell back asleep until past 9am which made me late for work, quickly poured hot water into old-fashioned oats along with some local honey, cinnamon, homemade yogurt, and almonds and let that soak while I got dressed.

For snacks at work I brought apples and almonds. For lunch I packed some bland sushi (filled with cucumber and tofu... the whole roll is completely WHITE) with Bragg's to dip in. And some tea. (But left the hot water heater at home, so... no tea for me.)

Your socks are coming along GREAT. I am in love with the alpaca sock yarn I found!

eva louise. said...

i dug potatos, brought in as much kale as i could wrap an arm around, processed the bejeezus out of some calendula, and filled up my gut with my daughter's funsize halloween candy before i was done cooking dinner. so, like you were saying about self control...