Thursday, December 1, 2011

99% pure salvage

love this concept.  

so anyway back to ME.  heh.  i haven't had a bed of my own for a few weeks now.  and my old back is feeling it with moving around from bed to sofa etc.  i never take pain meds but i downed some ibuprofen this morning so i could stop focussing on back pain and get to work.  

my daughter, olivia, moved back in with me recently and i've been trying to get the large upstairs room here set up as two separate spaces for eli and me so liv can have the room that was formerly mine.   to that end, i got a couple of painter's canvas drop cloths and some big screw hooks and some grommets and i'm going to make a fabric room divider.  could turn out a little college dorm room but we'll see.

i also ordered myself a new futon and i'm trying to figure a platform for it before it gets here.  i saw a pile of old wood pallets in a yard down the road and maybe i'll knock on the door and see if maybe the owner doesn't want those pallets.  anyone ever use these for a bed platform?

and before you start snoozing or move on to the next blog, i want to tell you i got this antique dresser recently for $26!  my price range.  but then i found a variety of antique drawer pulls on etsy and decided to order them for the dresser.  thus nullifying my thrift.   when i get my bedroom together and if it doesn't suck i'll take some pics for you to see.

see you later beauties.  thanks for hanging in there and reading to the end.  brings a tear to my eye.  


No Carnations said...

Always a pleasure! To the end.

tj said...

...You're so dadgum cute! To the end and beyond. ;o)

...I think that fabric room divider is an awesome idea. I gotta visual. :o)

...Those lil' houses are cute but a wee bit small for me. Now put a few of 'em together and well, now we're talkin'. :o)


Anonymous said...

bah, don't tell me ... since my dad entered the ER (Oct 06th), my mom's been sleeping in our bed, and hubby & I, in the convertible sofa (but it's smaller in there, and way less comfortable) I love my mom but I seriously can't wait to go back to my own bed !! My back will thank me too.
I hope you can sleep in a comfy bed soon too ! Sorry about the pains.
Can't wait to see the drawer !

eva louise. said...

our futon frame is made of pallets cut to size and tetris-ed together. we formerly kept our futon on an area rug, but learned our lesson about mold in the grossest way. if you make one, definitely sand down the corners. shit's sharp, bub.

Annie B said...

There is a pallet load of ideas here so maybe just grab the whole pile. My favs include the shelving and the coffee table on industrial wheels.

Mandy Behrens said...

We are kindred spirits! I NEVER abandon any of your blog posts. Do please send pics. Cheers, Mandy

Scintilla said...

i really love coming here and reading your posts. xo

Megan said...

i think this is pretty inspiring as far as pallet beds are concerned....


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Or search "pallet bed" on pinterest...tons to look at!!

Liane said...

you women are beyond awesome. thanks for the links. i'm going to pick up a load of free pallets right now. xx