Friday, December 16, 2011

Ethan and I went to the tattoo shop today.  
It's become an annual trip which I look forward to.  

This time I just got some dot tattoos on my fingers.  I have them on my left hand and Ethan got them on his right.  (That was his idea, btw, to get them on opposite hands and it seemed so sweet to me that he wanted to do this with his Mumma.)  He got a larger tattoo on his inner upper arm.  I took a few pictures of it on my phone but living out here in the backwoods it's taking an eon for the images to be sent from my phone to my computer.  I'll post them on my flickr for sure and hopefully take some better pictures of it and show you one here.

Ethan's girlfriend, Courtney, came along this time as well.  She's spending a number of months in Ghana very soon and I imagine how monumental this trip could be for her and I'm proud of her and excited to learn and experience it vicariously.  She's a fabulous girl.


Anonymous said...

oh I love this, Liane
a minimalist (but not less powerful) & aesthetic tatoo
suits you very well, lady
good luck to Ethan's girlfriend

knittingiris said...

You know, tattoos don't really do a whole lot for me, but this does for some reason - yours make me think of a seamstress' constant pricking of one's fingers. His, I like that it is something that truly carries personal meaning, that it has a tale to tell. Yours, too, along with your son, a connection.

As for Ghana, a friend's daughter spent last year there and had an amazing experience, one that I'm sure she'll carry forward with her throughout her lifetime.

M Violetta said...

What a brilliant tradition - and i really like the softness of the dots and that they connect with your son's. How long has the annual visit been going for? Mika