Wednesday, December 28, 2011

he's VERY angry


did i tell you we found eli's missing snake?  this is a milk snake, very docile, 4 foot long or so.  anyway, i was getting dressed on christmas eve morning and i reached into my underwear drawer and pulled out.... a snake!  hee.


tj said...

...Good thing you were reaching for underwear as I'm certain you were due for a change after that lil' episode. ;o)

...I kinda like spiders and snakes, they have a purpose in the cycle of life and no folks, it isn't to scare the hell out of you either. I actually have a jar that I keep under the sink to transfer wayward spiders out of our home and back outside. My husband thinks I'ma couple sandwiches shy of a picnic...oh well. *giggle*shrug*

...Blessings :o)

tara said...

finn used to have corn snakes that liked to escape, too. and something that used to seem so scary (holding a snake) became an everyday sort of triviality. my new year's mantra! allow scary to become trivial. (i hope you're good, sweet.)