Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MY YEAR, BABY (but i'll share)

i wanted to let you all know that the majority of items in my shop are ready to ship.  if you are in the USA and order within the next few days i can ship next day and you *should* have it in time for the holidays. if you have any questions shoot me an email or an etsy convo.  
i have been deliberating for some time about whether i should continue to offer the cross pillows.  i believe i've finally decided to say goodbye to this design in 2012.  so, if you are interested in purchasing these you should do so before this year closes.  if you are hoping to purchase one as a gift, they are currently made to order so the sooner the better!   convo me to confirm.  strike that.  the cross pillows left in my shop right now are all made and ready to ship.  after they're gone that will be it!!!

can you believe it's almost 2012??
i just read my horoscope and FYI this year is gonna be MY YEAR, BABY!
and you know what?
i actually believe it.


Anonymous said...

pass me the horoscope please, lady ... I need to know if it'll be my year too :D

ziazia said...

I know how it feels when it's time to retire a good design, you just feel it and time for what's next.
i can feel it's your year, too. mine also :)