Sunday, December 18, 2011


i've been working today.  it's a quiet, COLD, VERY COLD sunday.  

my hot water pipes froze.  i'm in denial about it.  which is, i probably don't need to tell you, not a wise position to take.  the dishes are piling up.  i'm just asking the powers that be that the pipes not explode.  

the music's been good.  i've got my ipod on shuffle.  it seems every song that comes on is exactly the song i want to hear at that moment.

i went antiquing with a friend yesterday and found that vintage blue floral material up there.  i washed, dried, and sewed it up lickety-split.  it's happy fabric.  with nice colors.  happy and nice.  i also found that scale and it's got good lines and a great color.  IMO.  and i've been sewing up some arm warmers.  all in the shop.  

if i had to rate this weekend i'd have to give it a solid 8.



Lina said...

Oh, love that fabric in your first picture!


REread said...

Nice fabric, lovely photos.

=mew= said...

oh no I was worried about the pipes. winter in new england is beautiful but a bit stressful too...

onesilentwinter said...

leane the pillows there a dream!