Saturday, December 10, 2011

this place belongs to a friend of lena corwin,
more info on her blog here.

lovely backyard space, no?  lately i've been missing keeping chickens.  i gave my last group to a friend when i moved in april.  last night as i was trying to fall asleep i was thinking about them.  it was a real cold night and i was wondering if they were ok.  especially i was thinking about the hen i called B.  she was the one born with the crooked beak, remember?  it gave her this look of perpetual questioning, of "you said what??"  and her little deformity endeared her to me and made me feel protective.

someday i bet i will have more layer hens but probably never another B.


=mew= said...

I wish you didn't have to move and give away your peeps.

M Violetta said...

Chooks are wonderful company... I love watching them scratch the ground looking for goodies - it's like a dance. We had three - Beloved, Sweet Thing and Precious - gone now sadly. One day we'll have more.

Emily Helmus said...

I know the feeling. The hens we had last year were given to a farm somewhere and I wonder how they're doing, if they're even alive anymore. They were good layers and oh so affectionate. There's a good possibility of me starting a farm next year and I just ordered a chicken catalogue. Very excited to say the least.

**your 2nd sock has a few inches left. the pair will be arriving at your house very soon.