Wednesday, December 7, 2011

deep and meditative pictures on this flickr above.  i like his art and interior shots as well so if you have time check it out. 

and i'm not really a cat lady but that picture is sweet.  seems like EVERYONE is a cat lady these days.  at least if you live on the internets.  not that there's anything wrong with it, just an observation.  but will we all go through a "dog woman" phase at some point? 

do i sound grumpy to you?  i didn't think i was but i do believe there is an air of harumph in that previous paragraph...forgive me, mes amis.

i'm sitting here on the sofa looking out the front door at a damp and foggy and rainy morning.  i like the weather in a sensual sense, but i think it does make one a bit melancholy, no matter. 

so that's that.
later gator,


'tine said...

I'm a "bunny person" myself;

I'm digging the weather, too. But it's taking a toll on my energy. But I do love the "swish" of the car tires on the asphalt.

rebecca said...

two dogs here.