Monday, January 2, 2012


there was some great fog new year's eve day when i went for a walk.  i think my phone captured it pretty well.  these were taken down the road and in a valley near my place.  

i'm typing now with a swollen finger.  yesterday as i was trying to set up my new printer i somehow stabbed myself with a knife.  (here's a picture of the event.)  don't even ask the chain of's a a little muddy.  i do recall the steam coming out of my eyeballs because the printer and computer weren't cooperating so whatever i was cutting i'm sure i was doing so with some, shall we say, passion.  i think my finger is infected.  crap.

also, the cat is on the counter lapping old green tea out of my mug with her paw.   we have no standards here.  cats on our counter; dogs in our beds.

also last night, perhaps psychically linked with my printer frustration, i purged all sorts of stuff from my little baby house.  i was feeling claustrophobic.  everything is off the walls and the shelves are bare.  i'm selling it all in the shop today.  crazy?  nay,  bold and fearless!

ps- i really enjoyed reading the first half of dracula but i'm in the final 25 pgs. or so and i'm forcing myself to finish.  the second half dragged like a queen! 


Brittan said...

oh, those moments of "passion" where it backfires and we end up with mutilated flanges... does/did your herbal studies tell you about Kloss' liniment at all? it is a really wonderful solution for cuts and wounds. it is a staple in this house and is used a lot! if you don't have any you really should make some, i don't remember the exact recipe, but basically infuse goldenseal, myrrh and cayenne pepper in rubbing alcohol for, say, a month or so and then strain. it will sting and dye your skin yellow, but it works miracles!
hope you have a great morning, love to dreamy fog photos!!!

Lora said...

beautiful photos!! and i'm so sorry about your finger. i will pray today for a speedy recovery. :) take care, lora

Anne said...

oh, love the fog and so understand technology frustration...

=mew= said...

don't forget snakes in sock drawers. I'm a fan of foggy mornings too. get some bacitracin on that wound.

onesilentwinter said...

beautiful photos, the fog was magical the other day.
sorry about your finger, i tend to injure myself when frustrated:)!

purging here too-feels good.

may this year be soul filling, warm and exciting!

the textured leaf said...

lovely imagery.
sad about your finger but you seem to be doing well enough despite the pain, with the clearing out etc. such a brave thing to attack ones space

Anonymous said...

it always feels awesome to unload excess stuff. Sorry about your finger - ouchie! Do you have some goldenseal you could soak it in? Or everclear? That stuff works like a charm (and I don't mean drink it, though that would probably take your mind right off it).