Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"papa had always been excited about something.  it wasn't necessarily the things i wanted him to be excited about, like reading the lord of the rings to me or playing the games i wanted, but at least he was full of enthusiasm for the world around him.  he glowed with the energy of being in charge of his life, even if life had other ideas."

"...one morning as i lay in my bunk, the good feeling returned.  it hadn't come in awhile, and i was afraid i would scare it away because you can't feel the good feeling and be aware of it at the same time.  i was thinking about the way light creates the shapes of things, when suddenly i felt it, like a smooth stone in my mouth.  my body dissolved it's boundaries and became part of all things.  just as suddenly the feeling was gone and i was me again..."

-excerpts from this life is in your hands by melissa coleman


Jennifer Finn of Imogen Lovely said...

I picked that up at the library after you mentioned it in a previous post and I'm enjoying it as well. I enjoy how people keep showing up at their farm to work and live. Such free spirits!

Anne said...

oh... loved reading this. will have to find the book.
"full of enthusiasm for the world around him..."