Wednesday, July 25, 2012

etsy guest curator

hi my dears!!  
the blog/website redux is still in process but i wanted to alert you to an enhabiten feature here on etsy.  i am a guest curator on the etsy blog today!  i love etsy and it's an honor to be featured!

i hope you are all doing real good and i miss you!  i promise to be back and in touch soon!


sheila said...

awesome, lady! miss you too. i have been for the most part away from the internets doing crazy, life changing things. must needs update my blog soon as well. feeling very far away and out of the loop. can't wait to see your new site etc. x

abby said...

Ha, finally!! I always wondered, "when will Liane be a guest curator?" Going to check it out... and yes you have been missed here. Can't wait to see what you have been up to with your new site. xo

Susan said...

Oh genius idea! Running over there asap and will be back with kudos for certain. Thanks for checking in, kinda lonely here w/out you!

Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

I loved reading it & enjoying the beauties you've picked ! Well done ! I am very looking forward to your new site. But I most importantly hope you are doing much better than some weeks ago. Sending you much love

Diana Sudyka said...

This was so great! Such a well curated group of items, all having your aesthetic mark. I especially loved the lath wall, and the oil paintings on reclaimed wood. Really looking forward to seeing the new site, and new work from you.

Anonymous said...

Great feature of you on Etsy!!!!

I cannot wait til your new blog is up.... having withdrawals. :)


kimberly wheat said...

Fantastic! Congratulations!

m.e.w. said...

love the selections, thanks for sharing them with us.