Tuesday, July 31, 2012



i just ate a giant bowl of sauteed veggies from the garden followed by blueberry pie made with wild berries i picked this weekend.  feeling good about the whole thing albeit pretty stuffed and fantasizing about taking a nap.

but no can do cuz i got a bunch of fabric dyeing going on outside the front door i need to tend to.  there's a chenille bedspread that turned the prettiest shade of luminous lavender grey along with another spread and some table runners and tablecloths and placements...

the above pictured pillow is currently on sale.  i made a slew of these for brooklyn renegade, then got hit with the lyme disease and skipped the fair...and these pillows, about a dozen left, have been sitting around feeling all sad and lonely and unappreciated.

they're real pretty however, with more character and depth in person than perhaps comes through in the photos.  so anyways, i lowered the price each from $38 to $25.  iffen you are interested you can find them HERE.  and if you want multiple you can send me an etsy conversation with your zip code and i'll figure the proper ship cost.


Jennifer Finn of Imogen Lovely said...

the dye on the pillows looks like leaf shadows. Beautiful!

A Perfect Gray said...

these are crazy good. I agree - delicate shadows of leaves - lovely. donna