Thursday, August 16, 2012


here are a couple quick pictures of the cottage from the outside.  and by the way i need to stop calling it a cottage because i just don't like the sound of that word.  plus it makes me feel like i'm in a fairytale  and i'm probably not cast as the frolicking maiden at this point.  which leaves the hairy old child eating witch.  heretofore cottage will be called 676.  got it?

there are definitely improvements to be made as it's a bit barren looking and there are some things strewn about the yard.  all in good time.  also, purple door gotta go.

yesterday we tried smoothing out the gritty surface of one of the main room walls with some plaster.  it was a good experiment and i may try to do another wall with the same material but you gotta mix it up yourself and it hardens in the bucket fairly quickly and it's messy.

the surface did not come out smooth, per se, but it did eliminate the bumpy texture.  now it has more of a stucco thing happening.  i'm going to sand it and see how it looks.  

i think next i'll buy a big bucket of joint compound and try that.  it's premixed,  dries softer and will stay workable in the bucket.

been thinking about the woodwork painting bit.  right now it feels best to start the painting in the kitchen...the cabinets are super campy and i have no qualms painting them.  then i'll probably do the window trim and wainscoting but not the big paneled wall with the wood stove (which does work by the way!)  leave that be for awhile and see how i feel.  solid plan, yes?

thanks for your comments last post!  i MEGA appreciate all the input.  

was MEGA an 80's word?  my decades all blend together at this point.

the new word i've been working with: SWAG.

as in:

yeah, i'm talkin' to you.


rebecca said...

What about natural plaster? I've never worked with it, but know the results are stunning and the material seems more forgiving. I agree with your call on the painting - wainscoting and windows. I'd do the wood wall too. You'll still have the floors for wood appreciating. I think of this house often. Though now I see they kept/refashioned a wood wall... Hmmmm.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

676 is adorable...I can't wait to see how beautiful you make it. I know you will.

I'm not sure if Mega is an 80's word...I can only think of is, like, TOTALLY!!

Diana Sudyka said...

It's so lovely, even with purple door! And with your green thumb you'll have that yard lush and thriving in no time.

annamaria said...

Yes, I too love solid plans that go with the flow...And as already pointed out your '676' is adorable!I trust your magic touch will bring out all its gorgeousness.Have funxx

jenny miller said...

Good luck with all your plans for "676"!

beth said...

Sweet crib! Easy to heat too.

momma J said...

joint compound works nicely I am almost positive thats what we used on our living room walls. you can paint it with coffee when its dry to give it an antique white color instead of the stark white it dries as. in our living room we mixed in a yellow ochre mineral pigment and in our kitchen I painted it with coffee that was left over in my french press from my morning brew. they turned out very similar in color but the coffee was much more convenient and way less trouble and money.

nicole said...

I'm with you, the purple door has got to go.