Sunday, August 5, 2012


early morning, overcast, coffee.

i often listen to the public radio show on being sunday mornings.

i've not been swimming near enough this summer.  my daughter, olivia, is staying with me right now.  she also likes to swim out deep.  maybe this afternoon we can go together.

i mentioned i'm reading alice munro.  have you read and are you a fan?  i love her stories.   next time i'm struck by a particular passage i'll share here.

also, i'm moving soon (this month with any luck).  i've looked at a couple potential places and will spend time today on this search.  cross your fingers for me i find something good.

the image above is none too exciting except it shows 5 different dye color outcomes.  the latest to come out of the pot is that chenille spread up there.  i'm loving it.


sheila said...

i find your dyed bedspreads very exciting! look at them! gorgeous! we are moving this month as well. fingers and legs and eyes are crossed for you, lady. i haven't read munro but have meant to. have you read any jeannette winterson? i loved her 'sexing the cherry'. if i swam out deep, i would just tread there thinking about jaws the entire time. you're brave.

sheila said...

sorry, that's jeanette winterson, not with two n's. haven't had my coffee yet.

Liane said...

shelia- i have read winterson, yes. a long time ago so can't remember much of the story...i think i learned of her through a good interview she did with bill moyers you can probably find online. x

annamaria said...

Loving your bedspreads too!
Good luck with the move. We are in that process as well. We want to move
away from the city... we are looking and looking. It's such a big leap and we want to have the 'right place'.Fingers crossed all around;)

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Happy for your move...tho I will miss the photos you take of your creative space. I'm sure you will make your new space just as beautiful and inspiring.

Anthropomorphica said...

Enjoy the precious time with your deep swimming daughter.
Beautiful photograph!!!!

Melanie (who sinks in the shallows...)

Sara said...

I love the dark bedspread.
I hope you find a lovely place.
I have swum out as deep as those photos. I miss it. Many lives in one.

lisa @ indigo / batik said...

hello! i just discovered your blog. love your photographs, writing, work... I'll keep visiting :) Have a wonderful day!
P.S. I LOVE Alice Munro... what book are you reading??

Liane said...

hi lisa- i'm reading a story collection called "carried away". i'm about half way through an so far a couple favorites are "royal beatings" and "the progress of love". have you read them?