Tuesday, December 11, 2012


i've been making and shipping cross cushions at a great price of $25 each.  they're made with heavy hemp canvas (a different and heftier material than in the past) and hand-dyed felted wool cross which i hand-stitch to the cushion.  the sale on these cushions will last through december.  

also, i'm taking part in an advent calendar giveaway over on vibeke's blog this month.  she's got a great  thing going with giveaways every day of the month on her blog, a butterfly in my hair, from all sorts of people you may already be familiar with in the internet design community!  

i'm giving this vintage and hand-dyed zip purse away: 

is the link to enter and definitely check out the other offerings!

xo love, 


Nancy said...

wow...what a difference the white paint makes....love it...I have been putting off painting my ugly builders maple cupboards, but this pic is inspiring me...have a great Holiday Season!

REread said...

Awe, pretty!

v said...