Thursday, December 13, 2012

this that other

good morning all.
how's your life, eh?
i'm thinking of a few things i want to share with you and here they are:
no. 1 is free will astrology.  follow on facebook for out of the ordinary weekly horoscopes, pep talks, quotes and links.  
no. 2 is the giveaway i'm doing over on vibeke's blog.  because today is the last day to enter  oops! got that wrong.   TODAY friday the 14th is the last day so you still have some time!.
no. 3 is an interview with picture's i did for desha on her blog the desha show.

and that's it.  
i got this that and the other thing to tend to today.


desha peacock said...

Thanks for sharing!

Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

Enjoyed the interview & the photos, thanks Liane

rebecca said...

ah, rob brezney, we used to read the dueling forecasts directly from the good times and metro weeklies in santa cruz. more a poet than a forecaster, i don't think i cozied up to rob's as much as to risa's, but his surely seem to delve deeper and hit more in a place you want to be hit... after a while.