Wednesday, January 23, 2013

after before

i've not put effort into my little home in awhile.  for me, this activity seems to happen in spurts.  but tonight i was thinking about the changes i've made so far.  the cottage main room above: the after is up top and the before down below.

it's bitter cold here in the northeast usa right now.  last i checked my car thermometer read 
-7 degrees.  but i'm warm inside and about to get in bed and read my current book (found free at the dump swap shop) 1Q84 by haruki murakami.

i did a little thrifting today and found a great old metal typewriter table destined for the shop as soon as i get it cleaned and photographed.  it's not one of the lightweight grey ones (i had one of these in the shop not too long ago).  rather, it's a larger and quite heavy pale green one with an unusual shape to the feet.  i've never seen another like it.

stay warm if you're in a cold place and have a most excellent night!


Simple Dreams said...

It's been cold here in the Ozarks as well. I get the fire going as soon as I come in from work each day, wish I had a wood burning stove more like yours instead of a fireplace. Your place is darling. Your hard work has paid off. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who goes in spurts when it comes to home projects. Keep the home photos coming they are inspiring....Lisa

Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

You've worked so well for making of this place your own nest. I love the way the dark wood looks now, it's just the right amount of contrast with the light walls. It looks awesome, through & through. Wishing I could step into your home & share something warm to drink ! ;-)
Stay warm, and be well, my friend.

Sarah Matthews said...

Your cottage looks lovely and cosy over there - you've done an amazing job with it. Happy reading - IQ84 sounds like a great write - let us know how you find it!
Octavi x

Nell said...

that looks so darn good. i think you made the perfect choice with that dark stain. i'm living with half painted trim in my house right now and am just too burned out to finish it.