Wednesday, February 20, 2013

around here

around here i've been knitting, making soap, sewing, shipping, also mending a pile of things including a pillow case and that chenille bedspread up there.  

i've been thinking about things like happiness vs. fulfillment, energy efficiency vs. reducing energy growth and use.  i've also been thinking about little people and alternate realities.  

the soap making has been great.  my favorite thing about it aside from making something good to use is the smell that fills the house.  i made olive oil eucalyptus soap last night and olive oil lemon this morning.  i'll have some of both in the shop in a few weeks.

i'm about to go read and listen to this.  

at the enhabiten shop i'm offering the sale in the shop through the end of today.  if you want to take advantage of a 20% off discount use the coupon code FLIRT at checkout.

wink wink

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