Friday, February 15, 2013

in the kitchen

i finally got around to making a couple things on my DIY list:

homemade vanilla extract- you need a bottle of vodka, a cup or so of dark rum and 12 vanilla beans.  empty about a cup and a half of vodka from the bottle.  split the vanilla beans in half and put them in the vodka along with the cup of rum.  let it all sit in a dark place for 4 months or more, mixing gently once a week.  then share with friends cuz you'll have a lot of vanilla!

herbal tea for blood sugar balance- includes bilberry leaf and fruit, bitter melon fruit, fennel, stevia, gymnema and cinnamon.  i make this to help with my crazy sweet tooth.

all the tea herbs and the vanilla beans were purchased from mountain rose herbs.



Brittan said...

sounds wonderful! i have a big bottle of vanilla extract sitting in the window above my sink (it is on the dark side of the house)... those herbal teas are wonderful! i can't really have much caffeine, so they are perfect. usually i grow a lot of my own, but i had to leave my garden when i moved last year (so very sad), but am working on a new one! also, my sweet tooth has been pretty under control lately, except for this morning where i HAD to have a cupcake for breakfast before my fruit! hahaha!

BlackStar said...

vanilla extract is something that i've never made, but something that i use a lot of. i'm going to try your recipe.
i love mt rose herbs and have been ordering from them for years.