Tuesday, April 16, 2013

yesterday was just a shock with the terrible event at the boston marathon.  my son ethan lives and goes to school in boston but he happened to be home here in new hampshire for the day.  a close friend of his was running the marathon but he's safe and unharmed.  my friend alice of forestbound, who lives, works and runs in boston is safe.  today it's really hitting me, the reality of the situation.  i feel teary.  and although i scrolled though, unaffected,  all the references to the fred rogers quote about "the helpers" on the internet yesterday (because i was just trying to wrap my brain around it), today it makes me cry and it makes me feel such love for boston, for all good human beings everywhere.  it's true.  in a disaster, look for the helpers.  because there really are always helpers.  and that's what you have to hold onto.

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Nell said...

i'm there with you. i don't really understand how things can happen like this and i feel so deeply affected. boston is just an hour and a half from my home and we were just there - right there where it happened - a couple weeks ago. we have many friends and customers in boston and still waiting for word that everyone is okay. a hard day to refocus and get back to living when so many are suffering. hugs.