Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ya ya


when i was pregnant with olivia i was obsessed with oranges.  i ate 2 or 3 a day.

and on this day 21 years ago i drove myself to the hospital already 6 centimeters dilated! 
(her dad had started a new job on the same day in boston, an hour away)

when she was born she had thick black curly hair and ice blue eyes.

her little brother eli had trouble saying her name 
when he was a toddler and called her ya ya.   
it's been her nickname ever since.

happy birthday, my girl.
i love you.  so much.


nicole said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

I hope that this year brings her peace, healing and happiness.

Amy said...

Happy birthday to Olivia. I know you will hug her long and hard.

I have an Olivia too, and her little sister called her Ya Ya, also. We all still call her that, too. So funny that the same thing happened in two different families.

Your new collection is as beautiful as all your other work, which we all knew would happen. Thank you for your soulful and authentic self.

Angela Wilder said...

I also have a 21 year old daughter. Happy Birthday to Olivia!