Friday, June 28, 2013


this fox has been hanging around my yard
and this morning it ran right by my kitchen window.
there is not much that is more thrilling to me than spotting wildlife.  
i also wanted to let you know that
i made a few indigo dot zip pouches this afternoon
i'm going to have dinner with my friend
erica walker tonight and i'm looking forward to it.
i've got to rap up work and make some garlic scape pesto to bring with me.
the scapes are ready in the garden!
if y'all are interested i can give you my pesto recipe monday.


BlackStar said...

I kfnow what you mean about seeing wildlife! I never get tired of it. We have a fox that hangs out under our spruce tree occasionally. We haven't seen it this year yet, but I've been thinking about him/her, so she's probably going to show.
Love the new work!

Jesi Yvonne Langdale said...

This fox is so sweet and I look forward to your pesto recipe. :)

jodi said...

Yes, please! I just harvested all my scapes and have been wondering what to do with them...