Tuesday, August 20, 2013

beauty and thrift

i found a couple billy collins books at the fleamarket this weekend for a dollar each.  i left behind a painted yellow late 1800s table which was sadly out of my price range.

also found: 2 old incomplete scrabble games from the swap shop with which i'm hoping to create one complete.

blueberry picking season will end soon here.  i want to go one last time.  we recently picked about 14 pounds in a hour or so at a new favorite pyo.

the peaches are perfect now...drippy and sweet.  

the poison ivy is growing so tall and green i hardly recognized it by the elderberry i was collecting for dyeing.  last night my itchy arm kept me awake for enough time i was able to read a joyce carol oates story.  her writing is perfect 3 AM material.

i bought a $500 car this weekend.  it sticks out in a parking lot.  bondo-ed, painted flat black, window not working so i have to open the door to pay the toll on the highway.   

the image above is from this tumblr.  there's nudity and sexual reference therein so click the link only if that won't bother you.  i think it's a beautiful collection of images.


Angela Wilder said...

Always look forward to your posts and your listings.
Glad to hear you have wheels again. :)

mi+ed design said...

each one of your posts is so inspiring, thank you.

Pigtails said...

Great posting, please post a pic of your wheels, it sounds interesting! Awesome photography on that link. we publish a documentary and street photography mag and I do visual analysis of pics so always interested in something interesting!