Monday, September 16, 2013

this summer i might have drowned

even the unsuccessful polaroids have something to offer.

as for me, i had a great evening saturday hosting, with my friend and neighbor courtney, an outdoor potluck around a fire.  

and i've been able to watch the deer in the back field most days.  and i walked down the road today and collected 4 enormous baskets of black walnuts for dyeing.  and it's getting chilly here but this summer i went swimming, this summer i might have drowned, but i held my breath and i kicked my feet and i moved my arms around.


PS- there's one stinking really good item left in my shop still.  sheesh!  i'd love to see these swiss cross lanterns find a new home so they are 60% off with the coupon code TAKE60.  insanity.  HERE


rebecca said...

oh dear liane,
i had never heard this song before.


thank you for you.

Angela Wilder said...

I too felt that I may drown this summer...better days ahead I hope. :)

Emily Helmus said...

lovelovelove vetiver!!! they will always remind me of michigan summers