Thursday, October 3, 2013

museum hours

we saw the film museum hours last night.  it had been a long time since i looked at a bruegel painting and i loved seeing them here as well as all the art in this movie.  the way the camera captured smaller parts of the whole of many paintings, the details without the frame or the museum environment helped me remember how much i love looking at paintings and what it means to look at paintings...what can happen when you do.   i loved the quiet scenes of vienna, all of it and not just the old beautiful parts.  the pace of the movie was languid but it was familiar in that way.  movies sometimes seem foreign to me because their constructions seem so complex my mind can't absorb this and there is a basic unease which mostly is felt but goes unrecognized.  this movie made sense to me was like the passing of real life, not hyped up, not a construction, but what really is.  and this showing of what really is, felt so affirming and refreshing.  the mood was contemplative, melancholy but those things also are familiar.  there is a moment when ann chokes with emotion, briefly, and turns her body and face away from johann, and i found it very moving.  i think i may have been the only person in the theater crying and i wonder why that is.

have you seen it? tell me what you think.


catie said...

where did you see this?
trying to find showtimes.
it sounds amazing ♥

Liane said...

catie- sorry you can't find it. it happened t be playing a few dates at my local indie theatre so we were able to catch it. a friend of mine wrote a great article on her blog about the film and i think she listed some showtime dates in differerent areas and maybe there's something still running it near you:

Anonymous said...

what a beautifully expressed commentary- i'm going to look for it.