Friday, November 1, 2013


i had the pleasure of being interviewed by vibeke here.
she's one of the sweetest bloggers i know.  
i love the questions she asked and the pictures she included.
also, finally i've gotten another of these beautiful handmade vintage bedspreads, 
naturally hand-dyed by me, into the shop again.  see here for a mention.
this one's a bit bigger than the last and the shade is dark grey.

and the deer have been visiting.  
they watch me for awhile and then bound toward the woods 
with the white undersides of their tails flouncing behind.


Simple Dreams said...

I follow your blog and Etsy shop, own several of your items and admire your work. What a great interview and peek into your new studio....
Thanks, Lisa

theslow catwalk said...

I love your Etsy shop! Now I'm going to read Vibeke 's interview:)

Anonymous said...

i love the photo of you.
sweet hugs.

nicole said...

I really enjoyed reading your lovely conversation with Vibeke (and oh, yes, she is so sweet!) I loved seeing the photos in your home. I'd love to see more of your new(ish) abode. You have the best interiors!!

v said...

: ) thank YOU!!