Thursday, November 14, 2013

this morning

the deer ate apple drops in this spot and looked up a few times but went back to eating and let me walk and watch for minutes, maybe five.  i wanted to get close enough to take a polaroid but knew chances were best that the deer would only tolerate me so long and only so close.  

i have to watch where i walk up here because there are numerous piles of porcupine poop and deer poop.  i just said poop twice.  i look down a lot as i walk, though, because i'm on the lookout for turkey feathers.  no luck finding them the past few days.  

porcupines let you get pretty close and they seem to stress little over human presence.  i assume that's because they know they can kick your ass with their quills.  i don't push it.


♥ eli mari said...

this morning has not been a happy one for me..but this post has put a huge smile in my heart. your writing always does.
thank you,Liane ♥

catie said...

"i just said poop twice" is the best thing i've read all morning.
about 20 years ago, my roommate's dogs got into a late-night tangle with a porcupine. it was horrific {as in, quills in their sweet noses} & we spent hours at the emergency vet. steer clear.