Monday, December 9, 2013

and I say I'm sorry until I forgive myself

good morning-
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we went to a poetry reading a few days ago.  i met a great poet named leah nielsen
and the following is a poem from her collection called no magic.

Apology, a Love Poem

The small fire reaches into the fallen branches,
and the lawn chairs-webbing cracked, frames worn
to bent like the edge of land along the river-hold

the weight of us, and a dull fleshing knife
takes to the tangle of hooks, last year's line still stuck
to some and I say I'm sorry

until I forgive myself.  And the sticks root
in the sand, the chalk line bound to them.
Apologize until I forgive you

for what you haven't done.  How easily
the night crawlers slip onto the hooks, knot
themselves around the end.  You toss the trotline

smooth as water into the water and the water smoothes
itself into the night, and the night pulls
the sparks from the fire, and nothing fades.


woodbird said...

all lovely, friend

Anonymous said...

beautiful. diane

Emily Helmus said...

Oh, how I need this poem right now.

Thank you.