Wednesday, December 18, 2013

i'd say today would be the last day (for domestic customers) to order anything in the shop and receive it in time for christmas.  i'll ship all orders via priority mail by tomorrow.  as a little added extra you can use the coupon code EXTRA10 at checkout for 10% off your order.

i hope you have a great holiday.  i know there are many aspects of the holidays which can be challenging but here's to holding close all the wonderful moments that can happen as well.  we don't have a christmas tree yet but we did hang one strand of white lights up the other night and it feels festive and reassuring.   there's love in the world and i hope you're feeling it.


Elizabeth McMurtry said...

I love your posts. There is love in the world, your words help me remember it. We don't have a tree yet either but I was thinking of making a garland today... thanks for the inspiration. Happy Holidays!

abby said...

"festive and reassuring"... something about that is touching, and resonates on some level. Feelin the love... Happy Holidays Liane xo