Thursday, January 2, 2014

3 new hand-dyed upcycled tops in the shop for all y'all.

find them HERE

i may soon annoy and bore (i mean enthrall and excite) you with a 2014 hopes and goals list.

and here's a polaroid from new year's day.  today, school's cancelled, it's snowing a big ole day long storm, i'm going for a walk shortly with my daughter.  then she's gonna clean her squalid room.  it's condemnable and smells bad.  don't tell her i told you.


Pigtails said...

Terrific posting! The room . . . . Hmm sounds familiar. Great new items in the shop too. Happy new year!

catie said...

love those new shop tops!!
eagerly awaiting your hopes & goals♥

woodbird said...

loving your polaroids, liane. and dreading the day my daughter's room smells. thanks for keeping it real.