Sunday, January 12, 2014


as i mentioned previously on this blog, i have been thinking about what i want to do this year.  and truly, i don't normally do that.  i have tended to take the approach of just rolling along day to day, year to year.  or i will think up fantasy plans and never bring them to life past the first thought.  (the exception being my work,  enhabiten proper, which evolved in a circuitous way but was defining and did set the stage for and bring about much that is in my life now.)

this morning i woke up thinking about a project i've been circling around the past couple months.  the project went from being general to specific as i thought about it.  it happened in the way these things sometimes do.  i was surprised by the specificity, as if i didn't think of it but it came to me whole, a gift.  of course the idea is one thing and the work it takes to make it real is another.  i can be real good with ideas.  i bet i've had hundreds of winners which never made it past the idea stage.

what i've come up with so far is this: i want to make real this project, which is a book of poems and drawings (the subject matter is what became clear to me in a really beautiful way this morning.)  i want to take this seed and create a campaign to fund the production of the book and i want to spend part of this year making the book.  then i want to share it.

this year, i don't want to set myself up for failure but i do want to have intention and i want to hold myself accountable.  i think the key is thoughtful examination and dedication to the idea that i'm supposed to make things and share them.  creative projects make me most hopeful, happy and fulfilled.  i should honor that.  but also, i need to be honest about what is realistic given the specific structure and details of my life.

right now i'm coming out of a period of life filled with a ton of change and a lot of trauma and anguish.  it creates a ground where new things are possible but it also leaves me vulnerable and raw.  this is a balance i need to be aware of but i feel ready to manage it.  and doing a project like this feels like the right thing to focus my life in the right direction.  i believe i'm ready for it.  i'll keep you posted.

happy new year,


catie said...

oh, this sounds good, liane. like a much-needed stretch that will pull you into a new chapter of your life. can't wait to see where this takes you. thanks for letting us come along ♥

Pigtails said...

there is a shop in south africa called poetry and they sell cards and paper in which seeds are embedded . . . I sent you an e-mail. With your clarity and focus, I think you are heading for a fantastic year, good luck!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

"creative projects make me most hopeful, happy and fulfilled. i should honor that." I can SO relate to this and have been struggling with it lately...the way you phrase it is perfect. I should honor it, too. I'm excited for you and your project...glad that you are feeling sounds like the perfect way to celebrate coming through that hard time of your life.

tara said...

i can't wait. and i know this, the need for life affirming creation in the midst of upheaval. xo.