Thursday, January 30, 2014

in a non-creepy way

hallooo out there!  i'm back and here's what i have for you: two books on my reading list, one about sex and the other on inner wholeness.  are you with me?  first is mating in captivity by esther perel and second, the book on the taboo against knowing who you are by alan watts.  here are some links for you regarding- link no.1 and link no.2.  because i care about your quality of life and, um, your sex life.  in a non-creepy way.

also, i do have a shop update coming later in the day!  FINALLY.  there's some good stuff, seeriously.  and i'm not just saying it cuz i made it.  


The Oak Leaves said...

nice terrarium, you've got there. the books sound interesting, too

Susan said...

Thanks for caring, and your pictures are warm and beautiful