Monday, February 24, 2014

shop update, sauna, stars and snow

i made this set of six chair pads last week-
really enjoyable project.

they're for sale individually in the shop 
but if you'd like the set 
send me an email at 
for arrangements and a bulk discount.

how are you all?

i've been a bit absent here...busy with the whole "life" thing.
a highlight of my past week, though, was a sauna on my friend audrey's birthday.
and a highlight of the sauna was a break to roll around out in the snow 
and admire all the stars in the sky.  you should try it!

also, coming up this week more dyed garments and tabletop textiles.
i will let you know when they're available here.



nicole said...

Oh Liane, I fucking LOVE these!

Thomas Braylen said...

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