Friday, March 21, 2014

real stuff

good morning fellow internetters and humans and makers and readers.
for one thing, there's a fistful of new vintage items in the shop.  and the lavender soap is available again as well but it won't be shipped for a bit over a week as it's still curing.  if you must have it now i can send it sooner but you can't use it till i tell you.  soap has to sit a bit, folks. 

also, i got all swim out deep this morning and wrote something regarding my feeling on the subject of god.  yes, really.  i posted it on my personal facebook page here.  does that link work?  someone tell me if it doesn't.  i just thought i'd share.  nothing earth-shattering and i feel kind of shy writing stuff like this sometimes.  i think, who cares or, am i not censoring myself appropriately?  
but then i think, this is the REAL stuff folks.  and i need to think about real stuff and i like to hear what other people have to say about real stuff.  AND, i have to do my taxes and i will do ANYTHING to avoind doing my taxes.
x always,

i guess the link above isn't good .  feel free to friend me over on facebook- my personal account is liane tyrrel, if you care to read.

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