Thursday, March 6, 2014

street style

i've been looking at some street style blogs this morning and found this list HERE of 25 street style blogs to check out.  i like the ones focussing on specific places and ones which are straight-forward pictures of people expressing themselves in unique ways.  i don't get into the flashier blogs where the photographer is as much of the subject, if you know what i mean.  i love getting inspired to dress my own way. 
on an entirely different subject, another thing i'm thinking about this morning is how hard this long cold snowy winter has been on the wildlife where i live.   we were talking this morning about putting some food out for the deer.  i know it's a somewhat controversial thing to do but when conditions are this hard for them perhaps it makes sense if you do it right.  i read a book on the subject some time back and will give it some more thought today.  have you ever and what do you think?
also i posted here the other day that there are bunches of new cushions in the shop now but the post got lost somehow.  
you'll find lavender cushions, cushion covers, pincushions, big fat bolsters HERE.  if you want a more specific ship quote on anything send me a message through etsy with your usa zip code or the country you live in and i'll get back to you!

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Cally said...

Yes, feed them! There's enough things humans do to hurt them so to redress that balance can't be wrong.. I love that cushion fabric - beautiful!