Wednesday, April 16, 2014

apple blueberry elderberry grape

i spent much of yesterday outdoors dyeing these shirts.  and afterward i added hand sewn tags to each,  which you can see over at the shop.  it was windy and sunny and 70 degrees.  it was a good morning.  

i moved into this 1800s farmhouse back in july last year and i'm still discovering the place.  if you've been reading my blog you know i love the field out back.  but yesterday i found some great photo shoot spots around the property.  this old mint green barn door is one of them.  

i think we are going to grow a new vegetable garden here this year and we started pruning the old apple trees in the field.  we attended a blueberry pruning workshop recently so we have pruning on our minds.  there are also a handful of blueberry bushes behind the house as well as grapevines and elderberry and a nice stand of poison ivy!

today we woke up to snow!  but this didn't feel too insulting to me because i had the day before to reinforce the fact that spring really does come.  long winters never last forever.

(ps- if you're interested in more than one dyed top please email me at  if you purchase two or more they're $40 a piece, both the grey/black and indigo shirts.)


abby said...

Any key tips on blueberry pruning you would share? Grapevines are on our list of things we would love to grow. Sounds like you have a pretty great variety of fruits on your property. Nice!

I love the new hand dyed tank. Wish I could afford.

Liane said...

abby- it was my first try at bb pruning...could give you tips better in person. wanna come over? ;)
we were working on really mature and pretty overgrown bushes so there was rom for error. you can actually cut a bush to the ground and 3-4 years later it's grown back up and fruiting. we learned how to distinguish dead wood from new wood, difference btn leaf buds and fruit ones. what winter damage looks like. there's probably good videos to watch on youtube. x