Tuesday, October 2, 2012


i've been following more and more tattoo boards on pinterest as i fall deeper down that rabbit hole.  i particularly liked the work of tarmasz as i was looking around there this morning.

i don't have any problem with traditional tattoo style and i'm no expert (!) but i often feel like tattoo art can seem painfully generic.  the possibilities would seem as endless as with any kind of art work and i feel like tattoo imagery is woefully unexplored except in small pockets of the community.

it's been great for me to get a broader picture of body ink via pinterest.   i wish i had easier access to more tattoo artists than i do here in rural new hampshire.  and i'd wish for deeper pockets for all the tattoos i'd want to get! 


Leah Rife said...

these are fantastic! i have been searching for some inspiration should i ever jump onto the tattoo bandwagon. these are so unique and artistic...very far from the type i usually see.

Jenn Lusk (Goldman) said...

you are welcome to stay with us anytime you want to come to NY....we aren't far from Woodstock & there is a great shop there. Pat's tats

rebecca said...

this is an awesome collection of tattoos. i completely agree re. typical style vs. potential. to that end, have you seen the painterly look of amanda wachob's skin art?

little part said...

i love all your pins! the tattoos you find are amazing, i find myself telling my husband..."how cool is this one?!" all the time...and i am so not a tattoo person...or maybe i am...hmmm...anyway...keep them coming!