Thursday, December 3, 2009

1924, aged 34

I found this old crazy quilt a couple weeks ago. I love that it's signed and dated. The woman who made it even embroidered her age, 34. Although I know there are plenty of good things about the time period we live in now, I wish we took greater care with the things around us. I see such thoughtfulness in the things that were made in the past from old homes to crafts.

I hesitated repurposing this old quilt but it really has seen better times. And by using it to make something else I am carrying on a tradition I admire of reusing, recycling, repurposing. My hope is that by spreading this old quilt around I will encourage others to appreciate it's beauty and the ideas it represents.


Lora said...

i'm 34, too. :)

Anonymous said...

These pillows you've made with this quilt (this quilt which gets me all excited to think about. How cool a find is that Liane!!!) are totally perfect.

joAnn said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. A perfect new life for a well-loved quilt. They have such a modern feel to them, I initially thought they were made new. How cool that something that old can still seem so current.