Friday, December 11, 2009

don't judge me

If you buy me these blouses I'll be really nice to you. And on a totally different topic, did you even know I was president of my class in 7th grade AND captain of my cheerleading squad? We won the tourney that year. I also remember that Mrs. Benoit, the English teacher, played this game with us where she predicted what we would be when we grew up. She said I would be a JUDGE. Because I was FAIR. I was always really proud of that. As you can see, I'm still talking about it in, let's see, it would be 37th grade.


Melissa de la Fuente said... KNOW I am not judging you but, let me ask you this....when I buy you all of these tops are you going to buy me the top one? ;) STOP torturing me with these blouses! I can't take it.....:) And I love that you were destined to be fair, that sounds like a good fit.

Lambert said...

Say someone bought you one
as a gift, would you commit to wear it during another one of those
photo sessions where you do your urban gangsta' dance in front of the full length mirror ?
... Just curious ...

Liane said...

laurent- say someone did buy me one as a gift i may even do a video of my urban gangsta dance.