Monday, December 28, 2009

a gift from france

One of my flickr contacts, Riana, sent me a sweet package. She is an incredibly inspiring woman and you can view her flickr stream here. She not only posts images of her life in France but writes a great deal about her daily experience and philosophy. For at least the past couple years she has hopped off the consumer treadmill and lived a slow life. She buys very little food and feeds her family plus countless neighbors from her garden, from foraging and from collecting food which is destined for the dumpster. In addition, She has been renovating an old house and it's quite beautiful.

She's been thinking about taking a break from the computer world and may not have new content for awhile but there is plenty in her past stream to explore. If you are interested in any of the things I mentioned and not already familiar with her I'd recommend going over to flickr and checking it out.

As a side note, her sister is Novella Carpenter, the author of the book "Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer". It's a great book and you can read about her here.

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