Thursday, December 10, 2009


I want to tell you about something that happened to me. Here's the back-story: As you may have guessed, I was having a bit of a freak out yesterday. It was really really hard for me to watch myself on video. I was overwhelmed. But new and old internet buddies were so kind to me and that helped a lot. Thank you. Really. Heartfelt thanks.

And then I went to check the mail. And I found a package I wasn't expected from a previous enhabiten customer. Kathleen, who runs this shop, sent me a package of the most beautiful fabric. Just because. You know how when you are feeling emotional small things so easily bring tears to your eyes? Well, I'm still feeling like that today and just looking at the card she sent me is giving me a little lump in my throat.

Sometimes I feel like I've entered this weird twilight space of the internet art and craft world and it feels kind of unreal and I wonder what I'm doing here. Can I say that? I'm a fairly private person. But then I see how many wonderful connections I've made with kindred spirits and it makes sense.

I know I'm getting into the gooey space of "feelings" and "sharing" here. I'm making myself roll my own eyes. Because a lot of the time I'm a kook and a jokester and not looking for a group therapy session. But I'd love to hear any of your ideas about this stuff.

xo you guys. to eternity.


Anonymous said...

Now you're making me well up! :) I'm also a fairly private person but somehow sharing moments in words seems right.
Saw your video today and thought you were simply great!

Lora said...

you are so inspiring! you have a certain gift of finding beauty in simplicity. it truly is wonderful. thank you for inspiring me to find that beauty all around me. :) blessings, lora

littlebyrd said...

That is an awesome story! I totally get what you mean about the community and how supportive it is. I have days where I wonder what the heck I am doing having a blog since I am a pretty renowned loner who is totally uncomfortable sharing any feelings I have. I've made myself continue with the blog because it feels really nice to make these internet connections. People are pretty amazing.

jevoudraisque said...

when you share your passion with others {be it art, dreams, stories, opinions, whatever}like you do, you are being really super brave. lots of people don't allow themselves to be, in a sense, quite that vulnerable. and in this community people seem to have a deep desire to give mad props for that. and go out of their way to encourage one another. and show appreciation with sweet gifts and trinkets like nothing i've ever imagined. you can't help but be touched and gooey about it.

localwisdomcards said...

somedays i wonder if i can go on with my little card company and then i get a glimpse of something like this.
i love when without warning we are brought to small pebbles of tears by a small something and in the most ordinary; like in front of the orange juice at the grocery store.
i didn't know you need a care package yesterday. i only knew that my pillows from you were made with love and beauty and that i had something to share with you that might inspire your you another day.

katy elliott said...

I actually have some fabric for you too! Let me know your address and I'll send it your way. Maybe you'll be able to breath some new life into it.