Saturday, December 5, 2009

saturday walk

I got up bright and early this morning to bring my daughter, Olivia,to take the SATs. (She thinks she rocked it, btw.) While I waited for her I took a leisurely stroll through Goodwill where I got a pretty sweet kelly green swivel desk chair for $2.99 plus a couple cardigans. I also took a walk. There wasn't a whole lot of photo opportunities. But I did what I always do and focused on the hidden, the secret, the decrepit. Plus interesting archtectural details. Look at all those tiny window panes on the porch windows. The whole front of this house had them running along the enclosed porch. Crazy. Good.


Lorie McCown said...

my goodness what a beautiful blog you have, every picture is so lovely. have a great weekend!

littlebyrd said...

Nice! I am glad you pointed out the small glass panes on the windows...I had missed them on first glance.