Sunday, December 13, 2009

thinking on teri, jenny and rickie lee jones

The soundtrack of my late teens and early twenties is a good one third Rickie Lee Jones. When I was little my parents were divorced and my Mother went to nursing school. She eventually worked the night shift in the Emergency Room and, by some small miracle, found my sister and me a babysitter who loved us and spent nights at out house. Teri was not much older than me, 4 years or so, but she was infinitely cooler. She introduced me to some great music including Queen and Rickie Lee Jones. I love both still.

And then in my sophomore year of college I met my best friend, Jenny. Jenny was a poet and I was a painter and we would paint, write, listen to music, occasionally get high (woops, did I say that) and then paint and write some more. We listened to R.L.J. a lot. Our song was "We Belong Together." Seriously. We had a song. When she left the college we were at to go back to Minnesota she gave me this notebook filled with all the song lyrics and poems we had loved together. It's one of my favorite objects. Jenny and I were in touch until maybe half a dozen years ago. I've since tried to find her without luck. If anyone knows a Jennifer Irene from Minneapolis let her know I'm looking for her.

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littlebyrd said...

I hope you find her! Wouldn't that be cool?