Friday, January 15, 2010


I share because I care. I care because we are friends. We are friends because we have really good taste. We have really good taste because we are the chosen ones....

OK. I think I might have gone a little far there.

But we still have really good taste.

2 kisses and a hug,



skunkboycreatures said...

I love, love, love Bowerbirds! I'm hoping to see them in March in Michigan with Joanna Newsom. What an amazing show that would be.

Liane said...

jealous! love joanna newsom. i'm going to see a.a. bondy feb. 5. do you like him?

Emily said...

lovely music and humorous writing. I am glad you are my fist blog today : )

Anonymous said...

i think you are a wonderfully talented crafter.
i linked to you in my post today, please come check it out.

Annabelle said...

just for a bit of fun, I sent you an award: