Monday, January 18, 2010

ethan's gone. boo hoo.

I drove my kid back to college yesterday. It took most of the day. On the way home I stopped to visit my Grandma Gertrude who lives in Lawrence. She just turned 90. I also stopped at H&M and bought me some clothes. So I look really good today. I'll have to take a bloganista picture and show you. I'm kind of joking cuz I bought the same stuff I always do which means I pretty much look the same. Only newer.
Oh yah. I did take pictures while I was driving. You shouldn't try this. It's dangerous. I'm just a really skilled driver and multi-tasker.

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Lisa said...

i come to your blog to enjoy your style, photos and wonderful hunting and sharing skills...and, of course, your humor...muted, yet full of light. thank you for sharing your talents, lianne.

in a couple of years my only child will be starting college. i boo hoo just thinking about it. i'm supposed to be happy tho, right?!