Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i know i know i know

I do. I know you probably all saw this yesterday on d*s but my little fingers would not listen when I told them this fact and they, without my consent, click click clicked and posted a few of these Nightwood NY images here. I'm going to have to have a talk with them later. Although, I do admire their independent nature.
So Nightwood.....GAHHHHHH. That's all. I love their style. The rest of the sneak peek is here if you have not seen it.
And by the way, have I told you yet today how cute you are? Jeez. And what is that scent you are wearing? Quite intoxicating.


littlebyrd said...

Ha! I loved that your fingers clicked clicked clicked. Let them off easy this time when you have that talk with them later. Your voice in this post reminded me so much of one my oldest and funniest friends here in Portland, reminds me I should call her because we are suppose to be getting together.

jdlf said...

Okay, you cannot possibly get any cuter! I adore how you always talk to us as if you can see us, adorable!

jdlf said...

oops, that jdlf is me, Melissa......as my computer is dead, I am on my hubby's! Just didn't want you to be confused!

erin said...

lovely! hadn't seen it yesterday, so new to me here!

becka said...

Well, how lovely of you to notice!

Ha, I hadn't actually seen it yet, but that stove...oh goodness.